National Library of Latvia Subject Headings as Linked Open Data

ESWC 2021 Poster


This poster presents a linked data representation of the National Library of Latvia (NLL) authority data consisting of topical, geographic name and form/genre thesauri.


The process for converting MARC 21 authority records to linked data consists of the following steps:

Conversion process: ALEPH to Skosmos

The resulting NLL linked open authority data can be browsed in the Skosmos user interface and is available via Skosmos REST API and as linked data by looking up thesaurus concept URIs.

Linked Datasets

The NLL linked open datasets published this way include:

The information listed here corresponds to the state of the datasets as of March 2021.


This screenshot shows an example of a subject terms dataset concept "Ontologies (Information retrieval)".

Skosmos screenshot: Ontology concept

The information shown in the screenshot includes:

Contact information

Uldis Bojārs (

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Latvian Memory Institution Data in the Digital Space: Connecting Cultural Heritage (Project No lzp-2019/1-0365) – cooperation project of the National Library of Latvia and the University of Latvia under the Programme of Fundamental and Applied Research implemented by the Latvian Council of Science.